Professional Education Research and Training Program

Karachi Institute of Management and Sciences and the faculty of Islamic Fiscal Jurisprudence at Jamia tur Rasheed have join hands to offer the Seminar Series Program on different topics in Sharia’a perspective. The focus of these programs would be on highlighting the salient features and benchmarking the best practices of a Sharia’a Model.
Main objectives

1.            To impart value addition to the modern Concept of Business Management in the light of Sharia’a compliant Business ideology.
2.            To train and prepare effective business managers who could practice sharia’a as a Critical Success Factor for attaining Business        milestone.
3.            To inculcate awareness of Sharia’a among top managers/entrepreneurs while performing day to day operational affairs of business.
4.            To research, motivate, and communicate Sharia’a compliant corporate cultures and Business Ethics with especial focus on preparing practicing professionals.
5.            To serve as a platform for eminent sharia’a and professional speakers to deliver their views and solutions on strategic economical, trade, business and finance problems.
To achieve the above mentioned objectives, PERT aims to adopt the following methodology
•             Arranging series of seminars
•             Conferences and workshops
•             Customized on site training Programs
•             Publications
•             Debates/discussion forum on hot economic and trade issues
•             Online Lectures and research forum on Sharia’a Compliance business practices
•             Post graduates/Certified diplomas and courses
•             Research and Develop data regarding the sharia’a standards and Customization for Sharia’a Audits.

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