Asalamualikaum !

  • Nations are not judged by the military arsenal they maintained nor by achieving staggering economic growth but it the level and standard of education that makes a nation compatible in today's era of competing civilizations. Hence promotion of quality education among the youths of our Society within the Boundaries of sharia is pivotal in uplifting of our National Pride.

  • The Karachi Institute of Management and Sciences (KIMS) envisions preparing practicing (sharia-compliant business managers) men for exciting, challenging and rewarding career of managing business and trade.

  • With the Advent of globalization, the concepts and innovation in the field of management sciences open the doors for research and we believe that following the sharia principles should fetch laurels and success even in today’s complicated business environments. Our identity should be a Pakistani Muslim trader and following the golden principles of Islamic business ethics and boundaries of Islamic covenants for halal and haram should be our distinguished quality while doing our business today.

  • KIMS with its innovative approach of achieving excellence in the field of Management and Sciences provides a Serene, Apolitical, non-sectarian  pious environment of learning and focuses on personality grooming in the light of Islam.The learning  environment becomes more important when reverend teachers' and prominent Islamic Scholars team up to acquaint the students with true values of Islamic trade, commerce and finance in the light of modern concepts of managerial Sciences.

  • We at KIMS strive to instill in our Graduates the colors of leadership acumen So that our students stay prominent in the local and international market. In the end I feel proud on the launching of Masters (MBA) and Bachelors programs (BBA),B-COM and welcome all the students at KIMS. We believe to stay focused  on quality of learning so that we could achieve our cherished goals.


                                                                                                          Altaf Ur Rehman .....


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