Vision & Mission

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  Vision Statement

  • To foster perfect Islamic Values of trade, finance, commerce and economics with the excellence and innovation of leadership acumen  and modern management Sciences in a totally shariah compliant EnvironmentA


 Mission Statement


  • ·         To provide an environment of enhancing knowledge to create leadership acumen under the supervision of eminent shariah scholars and to conduct research on the modern concept of man


  • ·         Algeria sciences stealing inroads from Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)
    To develop strategic leaders through imparting quality, value based education and training in management sciences, enlightening


  • ·         The way from the golden injunctions of Islamic trade, finance and Commerce.
    To develop strategic Islamic scholars with value addition of modern tools of optimizing the Resources and the Capital.


Contact Us

Phase 1, Sector 4, Ahsanabad

Mulla Jeevan Road Karachi

Mobile: +92-317-1771423