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KIMS main Objective is to provide business and other contemporary education in a sharia compliant environment. In order to achieve this goal stipend, scholarships and Waiver in fees is given to students on extra ordinary performance. At present following types of Scholarships and Fee discounts are available:

1.   Scholarship for Students of Fiqh ul Muamlaat:

This scholarship provides full tuition fee waiver to students of Fiqh ul Muamlaat.

2.   Aptitude Test based Discount:

All new Students are eligible for 40% tuition fee waiver in the first semester if they have passed last exam with 1st division and have secured 70% marks in aptitude Test.

3.   GPA based Merit Scholarship:

This category includes all students who get Cumulative GPA of 3.2, They would be eligible for tuition Fee discount of 50% in the subsequent semester

4.  Discounts for students of Jamia tur Rasheed :

Tuition fee waiver of 40% for students of Jamia tur Rasheed in BA and B.Com programs.

5.  Discounts for Pass out students of Alberuni College:

Tuition fee waiver of 25% for students of Passout students of Alberuini College in BS and B.Com programs.

6.  Discounts for employees of MIS and Constituent institutions:


Tuition fee waiver of 20% for employees of MIS and its constituent institutions in all programs subject to the approval of the institution’s Mas’ool.


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