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Masters of Business Administration Program


The Masters of Business Administration Program is a two year program consisting of 4 semesters of 4 months duration, 2 semesters in a year. It requires completion of 24 courses as prescribed by the University of Karachi. An internship in a firm in summer is also required for the successful completion of the degree.

Year 1

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Course Code

Semester 1

Course Code

Semester 2

BA(M) 510

Business Communication I

BA(M) 502

Business Communication II

BA(M) 511

Business Economics

BA(M) 512

Financial Accounting

BA(M) 521

Fundamentals of Accounting

BA(M) 522

Computer Application to Business

BA(M) 531

Business Mathematics

BA(M) 532

Human Resource Management

BA(M) 541

Intro. To Business & Management

BA(M) 542

Introduction to Marketing

BA(M) 561

Organizational Behavior

BA(M) 552

Business Statistics

Year 2

Course Code

Semester 3

Course Code

Semester 4

BA(M) 601

Advanced Business Statistics

BA(M) 602

Managerial Accounting

BA(M) 611

Cost Accounting

BA(M) 612


BA(M) 621

Intro. to Business Finance

BA(M) 622

Financial Management

BA(M) 631

Production Management

BA(M) 632

Introduction to MIS

BA(M) 641

Economic & Industrial Development of Pakistan


Elective I

BA(M) 651

Introduction to Research Method


Elective II

Choice of Elective Courses:

BA(M) 683

Project Appraisal

BA(M) 652

Advertising and Promotion

BA(M) 662

Project Research

BA(M) 642

Global Marketing

BA(M) 682

Banking Operations & Management

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